CodeIgniter creating pagination

I’ll use CodeIgniter’s pagination library to show you how you can create a paginated list of results from a MySQL database. Along the way, you’ll also see how to fix a problem with the pagination links that the library might produce.That is pretty easy to use and implement.In this tutorial I’ll do a quick example of returning a set of results from a database and paginating those results.
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CodeIgniter send and retrieve data using flash messages

How to send and get data by using flash messages in the codeigniter.This is simple and passing data using array.But if you reload/refresh the page, your data may not be displayed.Because data passing using flash message.However you can pass huge of data through this method.
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PHP check a random string if it exists and create a new one

How to create random string and check if it exists form database , if it does create a new one using php.You can use php time() function to create random string and convert it using md5() function.


How to call to this function to get value.

Note:exists_in_db() is a function.You must write this function after getting parameter and it check in the database and return value.