PHP read XML file using SAX parser

How to php read xml file using SAX parser.SAX means Simple API for XML.The SAX parser is work differently with DOM parser, it either load any XML document into memory not create any object represen…

Read XML file using PHP

Today I’m going to describes how to read xml files using php.I’ll explain this using simple php example.If you have simple knowledge about xml this is very easy job.

JQuery scroll page top and bottom

This post is explaining how to scroll down to bottom or scroll up to top of the page or iframe using jquery.This is happening slowly animate to bottom and you can set time to scroll it.

HTML5 Complete page structure

Here is a simple html5 page structure for html5 beginners.There are no big different from html4 page structure.New elements are header, section, aside, footer, nav, article, hgroup,audio,video,canv…

Magento get all URL paths

Here,simple scripts to get store url, media url, skin url, site url, js url, current page url, site url in magento.You can use these methods in your phtml files in magento.