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PHP Send SMS with SMS Gateway »


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How to send SMS via SMS Gateway in PHP.I found the sms gateway to do this.But it is Read more…

CodeIgniter creating pagination »

I’ll use CodeIgniter’s pagination library to show you how you can create a paginated list of results from a MySQL database. Along the Read more…

CodeIgniter send and retrieve data using flash messages »

How to send and get data by using flash messages in the codeigniter.This is simple and passing data using array.But if you reload/refresh Read more…

CodeIgniter get site url »

How to get site url of the codeigniter.You can use this method in the controller,model and view files.

First, you have to call Read more…

CodeIgniter get URL parameters »

How to fetch url parameters in the codeigniter.This is very simple.All data get as an array.



index.php => 0

deposit => Read more…

JQuery Image resize Example »


How to dynamically image re-size after loaded images, by using JQuery.This script resizing images without distorting the proportions.jQuery match all img elements and Read more…

PHP check a random string if it exists and create a new one »


How to create random string and check if it exists form database , if it does create a new one using php.You can Read more…