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Display latest recent posts in my facebook page into my website »


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How to display your facebook wall posts into your own web site.For a example you can display facebook Read more…

Creating QR code using Google Chart
17 Jul
Written by Sumith Harshan

Creating QR code using Google Chart »


How can you create QR codes? QR codes means Quick Response Code.This contains hidden details.Using as the trademark.This QR codes can be read Read more…

Redirect dynamic url to static url using htaccess »


If you want to redirect bulk of dynamic url to specific / static url, it can do using htaccess file.Here is a example Read more…

Magento set, get and delete cookie data »

How to magento access cookie data or create, read, and delete cookie in magento? Magento Mage_Core_Model_Cookie class can be use to get,delete and Read more…

Display each users location in google map using address in PHP and Java Script »

Display each users locations in the google map after submitting his addresses using php and java script.This is displaying using location latitude and Read more…

WordPress add custom text into the Thesis theme footer »


How to add custom text into the thesis theme footer.We can use thesis_hook_footer hook for do this.Open the custom_functions.php in the thesis theme Read more…

Windows and MAC iPhone,iPad,iPod,Android Simulators with cross browsers for developers »


This post is help to easily find Windows and MAC Simulators of iPhone, iPad,iPod,Android,…..and other smart phones and various web browsers to check Read more…

How can I get database table sizes? »


If you want to get database tables sizes using MySQL you can do it as follows. MySQL system database called information_schema. It has Read more…

Cakephp check if user is logged or not »


How to check if user is logged or not in the view or controller in cakephp.Very simple.Look at this function.It will return current Read more…