HTML5 Complete page structure

Here is a simple html5 page structure for html5 beginners.There are no big different from html4 page structure.New elements are header, section, aside, footer, nav, article, hgroup,audio,video,canv…

Magento get all URL paths

Here,simple scripts to get store url, media url, skin url, site url, js url, current page url, site url in magento.You can use these methods in your phtml files in magento.

HTML Cross-Browser Placeholder

How to create html placeholder to working all web browsers.This can be done using simple java script.Working for all major web browser.First of all create simple input field like this.

JQuery click event not working

I loaded the jquery library files properly.But it click event does not trigger the function.No errors display in the firebug console.This is a common issue of most users.Here the solutions for this…