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How to read file using PHP »


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How to read file using php.Following example is describes how to read and display file content using php.php Read more…

PHP get last week date »


If you want to get last week dates using php, that can be get from the following example.

WordPress get data from wp_post table »

This mysql query help to get data from the wp_posts table of the wordpress.It will get any data from the wp_post table.Only you Read more…

PHP add element to an array »


How to add new element to an array using php.array_push() php core function can be use for this.It will adding new element to Read more…

PHP get array size »


How to get array size of the php.Simply php count() and sizeof() functions get array size.

PHP get duplicate values count in an array »


If you want to get duplicate values count in an array,this method can be use easily.It will display array values all count.

PHP find elements in an array »


How can I find elements in an array using php.Here is a simple small example to find element an array.Youcan use php in_array() Read more…

PHP Validate Email Address »


How to validate Email address using php.This can be easily done by php regular expressions. Here is a email validation example.Only you have Read more…

Get Twitter feeds to your web site using JQuery »


Add twitter feeds to your website is easier using JQuery by placing a link to it in your page’s header.And put the twitter Read more…

JQuery error() method »


What is the error() method of the jquery and how to use it.This article is describing how to use it,usages,issues and so on.The Read more…

Java Script check date range is valid or not »

Q:- I want to validate date range or if exist date range by using java script. Answer :- This is can be done Read more…

JQuery access iFrame elements »


When we working with iframe if we want to access iframe elements using JQuery.If you try to access using ID, class or other Read more…

How can I detect iFrame using PHP »


How to detect this is a iframe or not, using php.You can check the referrer to determine if a request came from a Read more…

PHP array convert to Java Script array »


Sometimes when we using php, we want to convert php array to java script array.php array can be convert to java script easily.Here Read more…

PHP Detect Browser »


How can I detect browser using php.You can use php server variable $_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’] for this.It will return about the user’s operating system, as Read more…

How to delete all cookies using Java Script »

Here is a simple small function to delete all cookies using java script.You have to only call to this function.You can test this Read more…

WordPress get meta data from wp_options table »

How to get data/meta data from the wp_options table in the wordpress .In this table, option_values¬†are(some values) saved as serialized .So directly we Read more…

Cakephp check if user is logged or not »


How to check if user is logged or not in the view or controller in cakephp.Very simple.Look at this function.It will return current Read more…

Magento can’t login admin panel after installed »


If you are not installed magento previously this is a problem you faced.After installation magento returns a message that the installation was successful Read more…

CodeIgniter fetch data to the view without controller »

How to direct call to the function from the view without using controller in CodeIgniter.Here is a example to it.Simply call to helper Read more…