How to check duplicate values in an array and return it using PHP?Also telling php check wild card value in an array and return those values.For a example you want to check number of times that values exist and return that all values in an array.Check this example, you can understand this better.

// This is the array
$Keywords = array("One","three","four","one","two", "one");

//convert to lowercase
$Keywords = array_map('strtolower', $Keywords);

// query for search the value
$char = trim($_GET['q']);

if(ctype_upper($char)) // if first character uppercase,
$char = strtolower($_GET['q']); // then convert to lowercase

//Checking wild card values
function in_array_wildcard( $needle, $arr )
return array_values( preg_grep( '/' . str_replace( '*', '.*', $needle ) . '/', $arr ) );

// call to the function
$duplicateArr = in_array_wildcard( $char, $Keywords );