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Windows and MAC iPhone,iPad,iPod,Android Simulators with cross browsers for developers »


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This post is help to easily find Windows and MAC Simulators of iPhone, iPad,iPod,Android,…..and other smart phones and Read more…

JQuery check element is visible or not »


How to check html element is visible/display or hidden using JQuery.This is very easy job.JQuery is() function can be easily use to this.Look Read more…

Creating smooth color transitions animation using CSS3 »


How to create simple smooth color transitions animation using CSS3.This can be done using css3 “animation” feature.Here is a demo and you can Read more…

JQuery disable right click event »


Q-I want to disable right click event in my web pages. This can be done by using JQuery preventDefault() function.Here is a example, Read more…

HTML Cross-Browser Placeholder »

How to create html placeholder to working all web browsers.This can be done using simple java script.Working for all major web browser.First of Read more…