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Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are couple of php frameworks now.Mostly CodeIgniter,yii,Zend,Cakephp,Symfony,Laravel, and too many. You can see the details from ““. I’m going to tell about the yii framework.Lot of users have problems how to correctly install the yii framework application.In the official yii framework site’s video is not showing clearly install the app. I’m going to show how to do it correct and secure way.

Following video will show how to download and setup the yii.   

When you download and put the files in the www/yii then do the following steps.  
My folder structure is like this.
yii app folder structure
1-Open the command prompt.  
2-Type cd E:\wamp\www\yii\framework. Here “yii” folder has the yii files. My wamp is located in E drive. Your may be C drive. So replace it.  
3-Then type yiic webapp ../../yiimyapp. Here yiimyapp is my new folder in the www folder of wamp.  
4-After that it will ask to confirm to create the app in the www folder. Type yes and enter.  
5-App will be created. Go to the www folder and you can see newly created “yiimyapp” folder with files.  
If you need to create the app inside the yii/demos folder just type yiic webapp ../demos/yiimyapp in the above step 3. Then app folder will create inside the yii demos folder. not as separate folder in the www root.  
Here is the final folder structure after created.
yii framework install
Hope this would be help.