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WordPress Plugins

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Here is the details of I have created plugins in wordpress.

WordPress Sinhala Comments Plugin

This Plugin make it really easy to comment in Sinhala. There is no need of any other Sites or Software. Use this plugin and help users to express themselves in there own words…

Publication URL :-

Date :- 2012-10-16

WP Arabic Virtual Keyboard Plugin

This Plugin make it really easy to type in in Arabic language.There is no need of any other Web Sites or Software. You can search something in Google or Youtube by using this keyboard. If your keyboard is not working, or you can type in mobile phone easy using this virtual keyboard. You can set the pages to be displayed the keyboard and where/position it should be displayed in the page….etc No usages of images. Only css and text usages.

Publication URL :-

Date :- 2013-06-25