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Cracking wordpress security plugins

If you are wordpress blog user,you must consider about the site security process. Otherwise your site may be hack or infecting malwares. So I’m going to explain some essential wordpress security plugins usages and how to crack them to get all features with premium features without paid to them. πŸ˜€

What are the wordpress security plugins?

Here is a list of most useful wordpress security plugins.

How to crack Wordfence Security Plugin


Follow these steps.


Go to the /wp-content/plugins/wordfence/lib folder and open wordfenceClass.php file.


I’m going to get blocking country premium feature by cracking it.
Open the wordfenceClass.php file, go to line 688 and edit it as following image.
Cracking wordpress security plugins

Then save this file.


Then open the menu_countryBlocking.php file and edit it as follows.
Cracking wordpress security plugins


Then clear the browser cache and reload admin panel.Then you can get this feature.

Now you can find all files using isPaid keyword to cracking them.If you find like that scripts, carefully comment or remove it.But once if you are updating this plugin every these modifications will be lost.

So I’ll describes how to full cracking wordpress/Joomla extrawatch pro plugin without paying them. Stay with me. πŸ˜€


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  • Jules

    LOL you don’t even know how to crack it without modifing core files ? So lame, please delete your post.

    • LOL man, this is not a software like exe.So there are no run single exe to crack it.You are very fool.Understand the tutorial…..

  • Luciferis

    Thanks for the post, but I couldn’t find the file name: Wordfenceclass.php in there. Can you re-check that?

    • Check it wp-content/plugins/wordfence/lib/wordfenceClass.php

  • Ale

    Ciao, io ho provato, fatto tutto ed effettivamente la maschera si sblocca, ma accedo alle opzioni ma quando do l’ok per salvare le scelte mi dice che Γ¨ utilizzabile solo dagli utenti paganti … ho sbagliato io o nell’ultima versione non funziona piΓΉ ?


  • Ale

    Sorry … i made a mistake writing in my own language … πŸ™
    I did it, it works and i can now select countries but when i save the selections it says it’s a feature to pay for … what’s wrong ?
    It’s the last version bypassing this solution ?


    • Thanks for the translation πŸ™‚
      Can you tell me exactly your version ? Then I can check it and if there any issues, then i’ll update this post and leave reply here with solutions.


      • Hello,
        I checked my version and it is also same like your problem. I’ll crack again this plugin and send you a solution.
        But note this, if you update this plugin, all changes are lose. But details are still in the database. After update, it loading data from the database. Then check this is paid version or not. So if not paid display like that message.

        However I’ll put a solution for this.


        • Hello, Do the above steps again. But may be code lines are change.
          I just cracked Version 3.7.2 . Same process to above.
          wordfenceClass.php -> line 703

          menu_countryBlocking.php -> from line 74

          save all files. Clear admin cache if you can.That’s only.

          • Ale

            Thanks mate πŸ™‚ i’ll try the new solution !!
            Great job !!


  • Vali

    I followed the steps above and worked prefect … but I want to know if you go to activate and premium version for: Advanced Comment Spam Filter, Check if this website is being “Spamvertised, Check if this website IP is generating spam and Scan public facing site for vulnerabilities? Thank you in advance and I will whait your response.

  • Vali

    Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention that use the version 5.3.12 WordFence

  • master_of_disaster

    new update!!!
    find wfConfig.php -> function get() and replace
    return $val !== null ? $val : $default;
    if($key == ‘isPaid’ ){
    return true ;
    return $val !== null ? $val : $default;

  • Anonymous

    You did long way. Here is so simple way:

    1- Open wordfence.php
    2- Put this code at the bottom of the file:

    wfConfig::set(‘isPaid’, true);

    3- Have fun!