Read Excel file and save details to database using PHP-Repost

Read Excel file and save details to database using PHP
  • west

    hello what happens if you have special characters like “?,?,รณ,?”?

  • saurabh

    when i run this code it is showing error like this

    Class ‘PHPExcel’ not found in C:Program FilesEasyPHP-DevServer-14.1VC9datalocalwebexcel_demoPHPExcelReaderExcel2007.php on line 351

    • Hello saurabh,
      ‘PHPExcel’ class is including in the “PHPExcel.php” file. So check this class file you have included.That’s why displaying this error.

      /** PHPExcel_IOFactory */
      include ‘PHPExcel/IOFactory.php’;


  • Vivek ab

    download link not working

  • partha chowdhury

    running “index.php” file following error showing

    Error loading file “users.xlsx”: ZipArchive library is not enabled

    how to solve this issue. kindly suggest me.

    stepwise instructions would be apprecitaed…

    • Try to add,


      right after the line,

      require_once ‘path/to/PHPExcel.php’;

      or before any instanciation of the PHPExcel class.

      • dev

        in which file do we have add this line

      • dev

        in the file Classes/PHPExcel/Settings.php
        line no 122:
        i returned true, still same error could not open file .
        if u can give a brief instructions how to resolve it

  • pradeep

    Hello sir this is working fine but date field coming 42232 fix this problem.

  • dhara inamdar

    hello I am getting error of: Unable To read file abc.xlsx :File does not Found

    • check the path of abc.xlsx. this error bcs of above abc.xlsx file is not loaded correctly.

      • dhara inamdar

        I am taking the .xlsx file from upload button(UploadSheet) submit event , So taking file name in load method as,

        $objPHPExcel = $objReader->load($_FILES[‘UploadSheet’][‘name’]);

        so is it wrong? then how sould i take filename with path in load method?