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If you’re familiar with WordPress coupon site you may had use the WordPress clipper theme as parent theme.Also Discounty theme is a child another theme use with clipper theme.So when we’re customize the theme you want to get store url using coupon ID/post ID.This post is showing how to get easily store url using post ID.

How to get store url using post ID ?

$postID = 5;
$_taxonomy = 'stores'; // store slug
$term = get_the_terms( $postID, $_taxonomy );
$termID = '';
foreach ( $term as $trm ) {
	$termID =  $trm->term_id;
$stores_url = esc_url(get_metadata($_taxonomy, $termID, 'clpr_store_url', true));

How to get coupon code using post ID ?

    $postID = 5;
    $couponCode =  wptexturize( get_post_meta( $postID, 'clpr_coupon_code', true ) );