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How to create popup window in JQuery

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Creating popup window or pop-under window using JQuery.Pop-under window means when we go to the web sites(some web sites) and after we closing the browser window we can see some windows is open.These are named pop-under windows and the reason of named “pop-unders” they are creating under the current window.So then we can see them after closing browser.Specially these are generate some mouse event or like that.

pop up windows

A window that suddenly appears (pops up) when you select an option with a mouse or press a special function key or some event.It then disappears(going to behind the main window).

pop-under windows

Pop-under is a window that is created but temporarily "hidden" behind the window of a Web site that the user has chosen to visit.
So these are forms of online advertising.
Now see how to create a popup under using JQuery.
Here is a full source code.

Creating a pop-under using JQuery


jQuery-pop-under Demo

The first url is open as popup with height:400px and width:400px.And second url is opening as popup with full window.Both are popunder windows.Finally you will redirect to the form submitted url.You can check the working demo.
That is only.
View Demo

Download JQuery pop-under Example (40 KB)