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WordPress Woothemes and Yoast SEO plugin getting double Titles

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Woothemes also comes with some basic SEO settings with in.Yoast makes a great plugin called WordPress SEO. Unfortunately they don’t always play nice even if you don’t use the Woothemes SEO functionality.
Woothemes and Yoast SEO displying double title separators.I’ve been having a problem with my titles showing double title separators.
You can understand this by following image.
Woothemes and Yoast SEO plugin getting double Titles

If I disabled the Yoast plugin or changed themes, the problem would go away. Woothemes does try to detect a SEO plugin’s existence, but doesn’t seem to work just right yet.

  • Did you try checking the “Force rewrite titles” box in SEO > Titles. It did make the separator only show once, but then the site name was shown twice now.
  • Also tried checking the “Enable woo_title()” box in the Woothemes SEO settings, but that did nothing.
  • If you change the title in “general settings” from wordpress not effect.

1-Go to the /wp-content/themes/freshnews/header.php file and open it to edit.
2-Find the code

<?php woo_title(); ?>

3-Comment or remove that php code and put this code instead of it.

So final code is look like this.

<?php wp_title('|',true,'right'); ?>

4-Save the file and clear browser cache and check the site title.

WARNING: If you go this route, you must remember that any theme updates will overwrite this new code.