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CSS3 multiple column layout

Reading Time: 2 minutes

How to create css3 multiple column layout?In this post is describing how to create multiple column layout using CSS3.This is the easy and quick method to create css3 multiple column layout.Look at this diagram, then you can get better idea about this.

css3 multiple column layout Compatible Browsers

Browser Compatible versions Prefix
20x20firefox 5+ -moz
20x20chrome 12+ -webkit
Internet Explorer 10+ -ms
Safari 3.2+ -webkit
Opera 11.1+ -o-


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Applying css3 multiple column styles

.Columns-Wrapper {
/* Firefox */
	-moz-column-count: 4;
	-moz-column-gap: 10px;
	-moz-column-rule: 0px dotted black;
/* Safari and Chrome */
	-webkit-column-count: 4;
	-webkit-column-gap: 10px;
	-webkit-column-rule: 0px dotted black;
	column-count: 4;
	column-gap: 10px;
	column-rule: 0px dotted black;

column-count – Number of columns
column-gap – Space between each columns
column-rule – Just like a ruler between columns

View css3 multiple column layout Demo