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Reading Time: < 1 minute

How to read csv file using php.This is simple.PHP file methods/ functions can be use to this.fopen(),feof(),fgetcsv(),fclose() are use here.Following function will return after read the csv file.

  • If your csv file is “|” delimiter you need to pass the delimiter as following.
    $line_of_text[] = fgetcsv($file_handle, 1024, "|");
  • PHP fgetcsv() function is return an array.It stops returning on a new line, at the specified length.
  • If not read the all lines of csv file, keep the
    ini_set('auto_detect_line_endings', true);

    in the top of the page.

  • The 1000 means that specifies the maximum length of a line.
  • PHP read file line by line.That means row by row.
  • The result is array.Then you can understand that better.

That’s only.